Qualitas Corpus Clone Collection FAQ

Why not eclipse and netbeans?
The tool I use to get the data uses a lot of memory. Currently, I'm only able to run it on a 32-bit machine, which limits the amount of memory available to a JVM. These two systems are the largest in the Corpus, and they all exceed the JVM memory limit. Once I have the time, I'll either improve the memory usage of the tool, or find a better machine to run it on.
Why "E"LOC?
This metric does not counts blank lines or lines that are entirely in comments. If that were all, I would call it NCLOC. But it also doesn't count lines that contain only braces, so I can't use NCLOC. I intend "E" for executable, although, for some definitions of "executable", it's not really executable lines of code. But that's what it is at the moment until either I think of something better or figure out how to get ANTLR to more conveniently tell me about braces.
Isn't the alliteration a bit too cute?
Well maybe, but it is also irresistible! (But I will listen to suggestions with more academic gravitas).