20080312 Release Notes

Added versions
jpf-1.0.2 (new application), jgrapht-0.7.3 (new application), jgraphpad- (new application), argouml-0.24, freecol-0.5.1, freecol-0.5.2, freecol-0.5.3, freecol-0.6.1, freecol-0.7.0, freecol-0.7.1, freecol-0.7.2, freecol-0.7.3
Changed install
Due to the change in the bin for quilt-0.6-a-5 (see below), the install script for this version changed.
Changed bin
quilt-0.6-a-5 contained extra stuff, including a jar file (test-data.jar) that contained nothing interesting. The jar file and other stuff was removed.
Changed src
Deleted jgraph- from jgraph- distribution (there by mistake).
Changed docs
history.html, Catalogue.html, publication.html (more details added)