20090202 Release Notes

The goal for this release was to increase the number of versions available of existing systems in anticipation of studies about software evolution. There are no new systems, but there are 141 new versions of 11 systems, giving a total of 400 versions overall of 100 systems, with 23 systems having more than one version. While some of the added versions were newer than what was already in the corpus, most were older.

There were also some efforts made to improve quality, especially for the metadata.

Terminology change: "Application" --> "System"
After continuing to encounter (quite understandable) confusion as to what we mean by application (of the form "So you don't include libraries like jgraph in your corpus?") we have decided to change our terminology. All the documentation has (or should have) been changed to reflect this, but the corpus will keep the "Applications" directory (as a symbolic link) for the time being.
Change versions
itext-1.4 changed name to itext-1.4.5. In the previous releases, the itext-1.4 bin was actually for 1.4.5, but the source was for 1.4. Since most previous analysis was done on the bin, it was decided to change the name of this release and include the correct version of the source.
Added versions
ant-1.6.1 ant-1.6.3 ant-1.6.4 ant-1.7.1 antlr-2.7.7 azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- eclipse_SDK-3.1.1-win32 eclipse_SDK-3.2-win32 eclipse_SDK-3.2.1-win32 eclipse_SDK-3.2.2-win32 eclipse_SDK-3.3-win32 eclipse_SDK-3.3.1-win32 eclipse_SDK- eclipse_SDK-3.3.2-win32 freecol-0.7.4 hibernate-2.0-beta-1 hibernate-2.0-beta-2 hibernate-2.0-beta-3 hibernate-2.0-beta-4 hibernate-2.0-final hibernate-2.0-rc2 hibernate-2.0.1 hibernate-2.0.2 hibernate-2.0.3 hibernate-2.1-beta-1 hibernate-2.1-beta-2 hibernate-2.1-beta-3 hibernate-2.1-beta-3b hibernate-2.1-beta-4 hibernate-2.1-beta-5 hibernate-2.1-beta-6 hibernate-2.1-final hibernate-2.1-rc1 hibernate-2.1.1 hibernate-2.1.2 hibernate-2.1.3 hibernate-2.1.4 hibernate-2.1.5 hibernate-2.1.6 hibernate-2.1.7 hibernate-3.0-alpha hibernate-3.0-beta1 hibernate-3.0-beta2 hibernate-3.0-beta3 hibernate-3.0-beta4 hibernate-3.0-rc1 hibernate-3.0.1 hibernate-3.0.2 hibernate-3.0.3 hibernate-3.0.4 hibernate-3.0.5 hibernate-3.1-alpha1 hibernate-3.1-beta1 hibernate-3.1-beta2 hibernate-3.1-beta3 hibernate-3.1-rc1 hibernate-3.1-rc3 hibernate-3.1.1 hibernate-3.1.2 hibernate-3.2-alpha1 hibernate-3.2-alpha2 hibernate-3.2-cr1 hibernate-3.2-cr2 hibernate-3.2.0-cr3 hibernate-3.2.0-cr4 hibernate-3.2.0-cr5 hibernate-3.2.1-ga hibernate-3.2.2-ga hibernate-3.2.3-ga hibernate-3.2.4-ga hibernate-3.2.4-sp1 hibernate-3.2.5-ga hibernate-3.2.6-ga hibernate-3.3.0-cr2 hibernate-3.3.0-ga hibernate-3.3.0-sp1 hibernate-3.3.1-ga jgraph- jgraph- jgraph- jgraph- jgraph- jgraph- jmeter-2.1-rc1 jmeter-2.2 jmeter-2.3 jmeter-2.3-rc3 jmeter-2.3-rc4 jmeter-2.3.1 jmeter-2.3.2 jung-1.7.2 jung-1.7.4 jung-1.7.5 jung-1.7.6 junit-4.2 junit-4.3.1 junit-4.5 weka-3.0.2 weka-3.0.3 weka-3.0.4 weka-3.0.5 weka-3.0.6 weka-3.1.7 weka-3.1.8 weka-3.1.9 weka-3.2.1 weka-3.2.2 weka-3.2.3 weka-3.3.1 weka-3.3.2 weka-3.3.3 weka-3.3.4 weka-3.3.5 weka-3.3.6 weka-3.4.1 weka-3.4.10 weka-3.4.11 weka-3.4.13 weka-3.4.2 weka-3.4.3 weka-3.4.4 weka-3.4.5 weka-3.4.6 weka-3.4.7 weka-3.4.8 weka-3.4.9 weka-3.5.8
Changed properties
Some sourcepackages changed. Mostly this was removing redundance package prefixes but jre (see below) added one, which will affect measurements.

The releasedate for a number of versions were checked and sometimes changed or (if missing) added. In all cases the versionnotes were changed to reflect where the releasedate came from.

A few urls were added or changed.

Details for jena and quilt also changed.

Full details are:

Changed install
Changed bin
Changed compressed
For changed version of itext, correct compressed source included and wrong one removed.
Changed docs
Quite a few changes to documentation, including adding new information (such as adding an overview, criteria for inclusion, what distributions are available) changing what the catalogue looks like, and dealing with the change of terminology.

For the web distribution of the corpus, added a file containing assembly instructions.

Now using ISO 8601 as basis for naming releases (mainly this involves adding leading zeros).