20101126 Release Notes

The goal for this release was to update every system were possible, since many of the versions in the corpus were many years old (for systems for which there were only 1 or 2 or so versions). There were also, for the first time in a while, some new systems added. These were mainly medium to large sized systems (as measured by number of top-level types).

There were also further improvements made to the quality assurance procedues, which resulted in several problems with the metadata of several versions in past releases. The details of these problems are given below.

This release added 6 new systems, and 84 new versions for existing systems, giving a total of 585 versions overall of 106 systems. The "e" release has 13 systems, with a total of 414 versions.

In this release, there has been a change made to how it is distributed. The distributions provided by default will be the standard "r" distribution and a new "e" distribution. The "r" distribution has versions of 106 systems (2.9 GiB uninstalled, 8.5 GiB installed). The "e" distribution will contain just those systems for which there are 10 or more versions. This distribution (9.3 GiB uninstalled, 31.9 GiB installed) is intended for evolution studies. The full distribution (at 12.5 GiB uninstalled, 42.0 GiB installed) can be made available on request.

New Systems
castor-1.3.1 cayenne-3.0.1 jboss-5.1.0 maven-3.0 netbeans-6.9.1 tapestry-
Changed versions
jre-1.5.0_14-linux-i586 has been changed to jre-1.5.0_22. The issue is that as the source and binary for jre is not distributed and there appears to be no way to get release 14 of jre-1.5.0. Since jre-1.5.0 is no longer supported, we have decided to provide the metadata for its last release, namely 22. This way, anyone downloading jre-1.5.0 should get the same content that we used to generate the metadata. Accordingly we have "changed" jre-1.5.0_14-linux-i586 to jre-1.5.0_22.
Added versions
ant-1.8.1 aoi-2.8.1 argouml-0.30.2 aspectj-1.6.9 azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- azureus- checkstyle-5.1 cobertura- compiere-330 derby- displaytag-1.2 drjava-stable-20100913-r5387 findbugs-1.3.9 fitlibraryforfitnesse-20100806 freecol-0.9.3 freecol-0.9.4 freecs-1.3.20100406 galleon-2.3.0 ganttproject-2.0.9 gt2-2.7-M3 heritrix-1.14.4 hibernate-3.5.5-final hibernate-3.6.0-beta1 hibernate-3.6.0-beta2 hibernate-3.6.0-beta3 hibernate-3.6.0-beta4 hsqldb-2.0.0 htmlunit-2.8 informa-0.7.0-alpha2 ireport-3.7.5 itext-5.0.3 jFin_DateMath-R1.0.1 jag-6.1 jasperreports-3.7.3 javacc-5.0 jboss-5.1.0 jchempaint-3.0.1 jedit-4.3.2 jena-2.6.3 jfreechart-1.0.13 jgrapht-0.8.1 jgroups-2.10.0 jhotdraw-7.5.1 jmeter-2.4 jpf-1.5.1 jre-1.6.0 jruby-1.5.2 jspwiki-2.8.4 jtopen-7.1 junit-4.8.2 log4j-1.2.16 lucene-2.9.3 lucene-3.0.2 marauroa-3.8.1 megamek-0.35.18 mvnforum-1.2.2-ga myfaces_core-2.0.2 nakedobjects-4.0.0 nekohtml-1.9.14 openjms-0.7.7-beta-1 oscache-2.4.1 picocontainer-2.10.2 pmd-4.2.5 poi-3.6 pooka-3.0-080505 proguard-4.5.1 quartz-1.8.3 roller-4.0.1 rssowl-2.0.5 sablecc-3.2 springframework-3.0.5 squirrel_sql-3.1.2 struts-2.2.1 tomcat-7.0.2 trove-2.1.0 velocity-1.6.4 weka-3.7.2 xalan-2.7.1 xerces-2.10.0
Changed properties
For colt-1.2.0, versionnotes was changed to add information about the release date. For jre-1.5.0_14-linux-i586, all sourcepackage values had "." appended (otherwise unchanged).
The url field values were corrected for the following: antlr-3.0.1, antlr-3.0, antlr-3.1.1, antlr-3.1.2, antlr-3.1.3, antlr-3.1, antlr-3.2
The following versions had their sourcepackage values changed: aoi-2.5.1, fitlibraryforfitnesse-20050923, heritrix-1.8.0, james-2.2.0, jext-5.0, jgraph-, jgraphpad-, jmeter-1.8.1, jmeter-1.9.1, jmeter-2.0.0, jmeter-2.0.1, jmeter-2.0.2, jmeter-2.0.3, jmeter-2.1, jmeter-2.1-rc1, jmeter-2.1.1, jmeter-2.2, jmeter-2.3, jmeter-2.3-rc3, jmeter-2.3-rc4, jmeter-2.3.1, jmeter-2.3.2, jmeter-2.3.3, jmeter-2.3.4, jrefactory-2.9.19, jtopen-4.9, lucene-1.9-final, lucene-1.9-rc1, lucene-1.9.1, lucene-2.0.0, lucene-2.1.0, lucene-2.2.0, lucene-2.3.0, lucene-2.3.1, lucene-2.3.2, lucene-2.4.0, lucene-2.4.1, lucene-2.9.0, lucene-2.9.1, lucene-2.9.2, lucene-3.0.0, lucene-3.0.1, tomcat-5.5.17, xmojo-5.0.0
Changed docs
The web pages making up the documentation have been restructured.
References to "Sun" (Microsystems) changed to Oracle.