20130901 Release Notes

The goal for this release was to try to get complete information on the licenses used by the different sysvers.

One new system was added (jstock) and the evolution release systems were updated with all their new versions since the last release of the corpus. jstock was also added as an evolution system.

The main change to the metadata is that many of the values for the license attribute of sysvers have been added. Most systems already had some kind of license information for their latest version, however it was incomplete and inconsistent.

In this release, all existing license values have been updated to a standard format and many more have been added. Details of what is available as well as an assessment of the quality. As almost every sysver had values for the license changed, the changes are not explicilty listed here.

An issue has been discovered with some of the metadata. A number of sysvers have multiple source files for the same types. While we have been aware of this, we have assumed that they are just multiple copies of the same file. Improved checking for this release has revealed this is not always the case. There is occassionally multiple different source files for the same type. This is particularly a problem for measuring the various size metrics, as only one source file is used per type. In resolving this issue some of the size measurements are different for this release than they were for the last release. This only applies to sysvers where there are multiple source files for a type (a small number), and when the multiple files are not duplicates of each other (an even smaller number), meaning the differences are not large (typically well under 1%). But be aware of this issue. The sysvers affected are: antlr-3.1.2, batik-1.7, checkstyle-4.2, checkstyle-4.3, checkstyle-4.1, compiere-330, eclipse_SDK-3.4 to eclipse_SDK-3.7.1, gt2-2.2-rc3, gt2-2.7-M3, ivatagroupware-0.11.3, james-2.2.0, lucene-1.9-final, lucene-1.9.1, lucene-3.1.0 to lucene-3.5.0, netbeans-6.9.1, oscache-2.4.1, springframework-3.0.5, struts-2.2.1, tomcat-5.5.17, wct-1.5.2.

The distribution values have been updated as appropriate for the 'e' systems (this means changing which is specified as being in the 'r' distribution).

Other changes:

New Systems
jstock (31 versions)
Added versions
ant-1.8.3, ant-1.8.4, antlr-3.5, antlr-4.0, azureus-, azureus-, azureus-, azureus-, azureus-, azureus-, eclipse_SDK-3.7.2, eclipse_SDK-3.8, eclipse_SDK-3.8.1, eclipse_SDK-3.8.2, eclipse_SDK-4.0, eclipse_SDK-4.1, eclipse_SDK-4.1.1, eclipse_SDK-4.1.2, eclipse_SDK-4.2, eclipse_SDK-4.2.1, eclipse_SDK-4.2.2, eclipse_SDK-4.3, freecol-0.10.4, freecol-0.10.5, freecol-0.10.6, freecol-0.10.7, hibernate-4.1.1, hibernate-4.1.10, hibernate-4.1.11, hibernate-4.1.12, hibernate-4.1.2, hibernate-4.1.3, hibernate-4.1.4, hibernate-4.1.5, hibernate-4.1.6, hibernate-4.1.7, hibernate-4.1.8, hibernate-4.1.9, hibernate-4.2.0, hibernate-4.2.1, hibernate-4.2.2, jmeter-2.6, jmeter-2.7, jmeter-2.8, jmeter-2.9, junit-4.11, lucene-3.6.0, lucene-3.6.1, lucene-3.6.2, lucene-4.0.0, lucene-4.1.0, lucene-4.2.0, lucene-4.2.1, lucene-4.3.0, weka-3.6.7, weka-3.6.8, weka-3.6.9, weka-3.7.3, weka-3.7.6, weka-3.7.7, weka-3.7.8, weka-3.7.9
Changed docs
A new page has been added to provide a more concise summary of what's in the corpus, linked from the home page.

A new page describing the current state of the license data has been added.

Various updates relating to the new release.

The decision has been made to not continue to list publications beyond 2012.

Minor improvements in documentation and information provided, such as additions to the glossary and FAQ.